How VPS Hosting Can Be an Asset to Your Blog
How VPS Hosting Can Be an Asset to Your Blog

Shared hosting is popularly considered to be a great option to host blogs. However, considering the fact that blogs may become a sensation if the content is impressive, shared hosting won’t quite cut it. If the blog is successful, traffic will increase. Shared hosting packages generally aren’t capable of handling increasing traffic, and you will forced to shift to a different, bigger hosting solution. 

One of the many hosting solutions, other than shared hosting, that you can choose for your blog is VPS hosting. Even the smallest VPS hosting package can give your blog enough resources to function smoothly. 

According to Web hosting Dubai, virtual private servers (VPS) is the next best thing to host blogs, after the cloud. 

What’s so good about VPS?

Privacy and Control

For starters, VPS offers a great degree of privacy. It’s far ahead of shared hosting when it comes to offering high degrees of control and privacy. This lets users manage their system with higher efficiency. The users get a unique IP address from VPS hosting solutions, which grants additional security to their data. 

In addition to this, the users will also be given complete administrative rights over the VPS, and customize and configure the server based on their needs. 

Easy Management with control panels

Managing the hosted website would be easier with a good control panel like cPanel and other plugins that the server will allow users to install. Control panels like Plesk offer support for all major operating systems including Windows, OS X and Linux. 

Reliable memory and computing power

In a shared environment, even a simple traffic surge in a website could crash it, assuming there are many other users in the shared server. In a VPS hosting solution, this wouldn’t be a problem as the CPU automatically gets a boost in memory and CPU time during traffic spikes. 

A low-cost alternative to dedicated hosting 

VPS hosting basically lies in between a shared hosting and dedicated hosting plan, sharing traits from both. It offers almost all the advantages of a dedicated hosting solution but comes at a much lower, more reasonable price tag. Bloggers will be able to host multiple sites on the server, utilize multiple blogging platforms and improve their capabilities without degrading quality or performance. 

Combination of WordPress and VPS

Combining WordPress and VPS adds more flexibility to the hosting solution. Users will be able to host WordPress-based networks with multiple sites on the server. This essentially means they can run multiple blogging sites with different domains on a single website. A shared server may not be able to handle the traffic in such a scenario.  

To conclude, VPS hosting is certainly a great choice for bloggers who want something more than shared hosting but not as pricey as dedicated hosting. It would be more ideal if the user intends to run multiple blogs instead of one. VPS is a great deal in terms of security, flexibility and reliability.