The Rise in Demand for Economical Windows VPS Hosting Services
The Rise in Demand for Economical Windows VPS Hosting Services

Despite the cloud’s advancements in the hosting industry, VPS servers still enjoy good demand in the web hosting industry in UAE. It’s been particularly preferable for small to medium-sized businesses with websites handling moderate traffic. Because of its many benefits including cost-effectiveness and many features, many companies find it appealing and promising when compared to most other hosting services. 

Among VPS hosting solutions, Windows VPS hosting is the most preferred which certainly has to do with the popularity and wide use of Microsoft’s Windows OS. Though there is also a Linux VPS hosting option, owing to the large number of Windows software and programs, Windows VPS is more prominent. Many domain registration firms in UAE offer Windows VPS hosting as an add-on to their domain registration services

The rise in demand for Windows hosting service in Dubai is primarily because of the fact that it’s possibly one of the most economical hosting solutions. There are various other reasons of course. 

Reasons why Windows VPS hosting is widely preferred 

For starters, Windows offers an easier-to-use Graphical User Interface compared to Linux, which makes it more user-friendly, and is popular for being very efficient in hosting servers. The VPS hosting aspect offers a wide array of features while hosting websites on independent virtual partitions in the server. Each virtual server is similar to a dedicated server though they all share the resources of the physical server housing the partitions. 

Typically, most Windows VPS hosting providers allow one to have numerous accounts on the server, with each account hosting different websites. Despite the fact that the hosted websites share resources of the same physical server, there is no ‘bad neighbor’ effect as each websites will be on different virtual partitions that are independent. Essentially, it’s like the websites are operating in an entirely different machine, while they are actually hosted on multiple virtual machines which are all in one server. 

Windows hosting servers are also generally noticeably customizable, and allows the web owner to make use of several Windows-based applications to tweak website performance. These applications also play a part in keeping the server secure from digital threats. 


Windows VPS hosting, conclusively, is an overall ideal solution for SMBs with growing websites owing to its usability, customizability, and reliability. Windows hosting solutions are cost-effective though they a cost a bit more than open source Linux hosting solutions. Nevertheless, the plethora of Windows-based applications and the unique features of VPS servers make Windows VPS hosting a great hosting solution for websites.