Benefits of using Linux in Dedicated and VPS Hosting
Benefits of using Linux in Dedicated and VPS Hosting

Linux is an open source and most popular operating system. Linux hosting in Dubai is a hosting service using Linux as the operating system on the server side. Some of the key features of Linux hosting are 

  • Portability: This means software is compatible with different types of hardware.
  • Multi-User Compatibility: Multiple users can access simultaneously the various resources like memory, application programs can access multiple users at a time.
  • Hierarchical File system Arrangement: System files and user files are ordered in a hierarchical way.    

Linux VPS Hosting 

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting in Dubai is a hosting service where multiple users access the same server, but have limitations on resources like RAM and Bandwidth. VPS hosting are normally opted by small businesses or large ones that require a decent set of resources. 

Benefits of Linux VPS servers:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The most attractive benefit of a Linux VPS plan is its high affordability.
  • Platform Capacity: Linux server can run higher requirement capacities simultaneously and effectively.
  • Balance: Linux servers are renowned for being the strongest OS in life.
  • Security: Linux servers have multiple layers of protection.
  • Scalability: With a Linux VPS hosting the user is assigned a much larger amount of resources, and could afford for more if and when the need arise. 

Linux Dedicated Hosting      

Dedicated hosting service in Dubai is a hosting service in which an entire server is dedicated to the client and is used solely by them alone.

Benefits of dedicated Linux Hosting

  • Cost-effectiveness:  The key feature of Linux is that it is open-source, and requires no license. Hence it is cheaper to host and upgrade a Linux dedicated server. 
  • Applications such as Web server, DNS server and FTP can be installed and used free at cost.
  • Linux is supported by an thriving community of developers that offers solutions for bugs.