Influence of Web Hosting in SEO
Influence of Web Hosting in SEO

Search Engine Optimization in 2020 continues to need traditional tasks like link building and keyword optimization, but there is a lot more that can be done to make your website rank high in your SERP results.

To get high ranking for your website is overly critical and to trump the competition all the tools available should be utilised for your success.

Hosting your website with a cheap web hosting company in Dubai can increase traffic, improved search engine rankings, and more conversions.

In the following article we discuss how your choice of web hosting can improve your search engine rankings.

User Experience Outweighs Everything

Page load speed is a key metric used by search engine optimizers. This is because the speed at which a page loads in its entirety defines the user perception of your website.

Shrewd and experienced designers go with the concept of first meaningful paint. This generally means that not everything on a web page gains the attention of the visitor. Hence the core content, i.e. content that gains user attention should be prioritised over other content. Intelligent design will make a huge difference in page load speed. Less significant content like tracking code can be deigned to loaded later after important content has been displayed to the reader.

Bounce rate is another significant indicator for search engines that your websites have not offered your visitors want they need which would then affect your search engine rankings. A slow loading page is the major reason for higher bounce rates. Hence a faster web hosting always matters in SEO. 

Uptime is Critical

Website uptime can be defined as the time that website is accessible to the users over a given period. A website that experiences a lot of downtime is penalized by search engines. Hence cloud hosting is the preferred option by many high traffic websites like e-commerce stores, lead generation sites, corporate websites. It makes applications and website accessible through cloud technology.

Cloud hosting with its multiple servers helps to balance the load and maximises the uptime. Many e-commerce stores, lead generation sites, corporate and other high traffic websites tend to choose cloud hosting in UAE. Other major benefits offered include security and scalability. 

To conclude we can say that choosing a webhosting service that offers a fast, secure and high uptime guarantee will improve your search engine rankings.