Is Cloud Hosting forcing a Decline of Dedicated Hosting?
Is Cloud Hosting forcing a Decline of Dedicated Hosting?

Cloud computing is all the rage today, with several cloud-based technologies finding their way into a wide variety of industry verticals. It has had a significant impact on the web hosting industry, including web hosting Dubai. Because cloud technologies are getting a lot of hype today, it’s dwindled down the demand of many other hosting types, especially dedicated hosting. 

Cloud hosting comes with a plethora of benefits, establishing itself as an obvious choice for the future. However, like every other hosting types, it also comes with its fair share of disadvantages. 

Why cloud stands out

Cloud comes in many forms namely public, private, and hybrid. Its greatest advantage is its scalability. For a rapidly growing website, a scalable hosting solution is ideal. With all the hype surrounding the cloud, hosting providers capitalize by pitching cloud’s scalability and its vast resource capabilities.

Even so, the cloud is more than meets the eye. There are alternatives that offer pretty much everything the cloud can offer, provided the hosting service provider is reliable. 

Cloud may not necessarily be the best option

Despite the recent growth of the cloud hosting Dubai sector and despite being a bit costlier than shared or VPS servers, dedicated servers still are trusted by many organizations. Owing to their reliability and speed, large organizations mostly prefer dedicated server hosting even today. Many hosting providers still promote their dedicated hosting services as an effective alternative to the cloud. 

Ultimately, it all comes down to what exactly website owners require. For growing businesses, scalability is important. Cloud can provide an ideal hosting solution for enterprises. As the need for resources grow, the cloud will scale accordingly. The price will rise proportionally. For websites with the occasional rapid rise in traffic, cloud is a viable solution that ensures that the website performance isn’t affected by spiking traffic. 

For established businesses, speed and reliability is key. Here, a dedicated hosting solution is considered to be more effective. The server will be housing only the company’s website and applications and nothing else. The isolated dedicated server also tends to be more configurable. One major advantage the cloud has over dedicated servers is the fact that even if one server in the cloud network fails, another will take over without interrupting the service. At the end of the day, dedicated servers are still machines that have its own vulnerabilities. If something happens to the server, the site would go down. But, because it’s a costly service, the server infrastructure would have every kind of security in place and a dedicated team to make sure the server is secure and well maintained. 


It seems web hosts are not ready to give up on dedicated hosting solutions yet. The advent of cloud hosting technologies did impact web hosting in general. But in Dubai, dedicated server hosting still retains its rank, while cloud hosting presents itself as a great option to companies that can afford the infrastructure and resources. Conclusively, both hosting services fulfill specific customer requirements though the cloud is on its way to establishing cloud hosting as a standard solution in the coming times.