Benefits of Cloud Computing
Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a term that has seen widespread use over the past few years. More than sixty percent of companies report to use cloud technologies in one form or the other. But there are also many who are reluctant to make the shift from on-premise technologies to the cloud. For them, here are a few benefits offered by cloud computing technologies.

1. Return on Investment

When companies offering IT services in Dubai suggest switching to cloud computing organisations tend to become concerned about the cost of investment involved in it. But those who wish to weigh the positives and negatives need to think about more than the need of the initial cost.

2. Security

The benefit of shifting to the cloud is the amount of security it offers. A cloud host carefully monitor the system for any aberrations which is significantly more conventional than any in-house system. Also, while most companies loudly complain about data theft they don’t openly admit that staggering amount of data thefts occur internally and are generally committed by their own employees. 

3. Flexibility

Delegating all IT hosting and infrastructure to an enterprise cloud computing solutions company will free up a lot on a company’s plate allowing them to devote their time to other important aspects of their business.

Also, the cloud offers businesses with more flexibility with the network resources. For instance, if there is any need of extra bandwidth, the service provider can provide it immediately, rather than the company procuring expensive infrastructure.

4. Mobility and Collaboration

With companies using cloud technologies, corporate data can be accessed by the employees at any time through any device. This offers the company flexibility in terms of availability with their clients and colleagues. No wonder that organisations who have shifted to cloud computing reports a higher percentage of employee satisfaction.

5. Insight

Many cloud solutions offers integrated analytical services of enterprise data. With information being available on the cloud, tracking mechanism can be implemented and can provide customised reports for employees at different organisational levels. These reports also deeper insights into the workings of the organisation.